Turning off all radio’s

Amy writes:

I found this lovely sign at Bob’s Car Wash here in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

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5 thoughts on “Turning off all radio’s

  1. Oh, the pain.

    The way this sign is worded, it implies that it is one’s responsibility to leave valuables in the car (presumably so they may be stolen).

  2. I agree with Thomas. After thinking about it I guess it means that if you leave it there it is your responsibility if it gets stolt (not stolen) But when are your items not your responsibility? The sign should say
    “We are not responsible for poor usage and/or arcane wording in any of our signs”

  3. “All items and moneys left in vehicle”
    That quote is genius. I thought that they only used the term “moneys” in Invader Zim.

  4. it would have made much more sense if everything that was plural became possessive. but no, only the sign addition was messed up. *sigh*

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