St. Paul’s Mom is at Home

Leonardo writes:

Our moms’ group made up a bunch of badges for members to wear to identify themselves in public.

The buttons read: St. Paul’s Mom’s at Home

A few moms objected to looking like idiots and this discussion continues

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6 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Mom is at Home

  1. I’m amazed in the discussion not only does it get called a “grammar” error (I can live with such loose use of “grammar” even if I don’t like it), but someone even calls it a grammar error as distinct from a spelling error. Uh, no, it’s a spelling error, not a grammar error.

  2. I feel for the poor woman sent this in. And am really surprised at how many people voted to keep it the same. It’s wrong, people. Change it. Nothing personal against the person who made the pins, it’s simply incorrect.

    And mothers saying it doesn’t matter and isn’t noticeable? If I saw all of those mothers out somewhere wearing those pins I would think, “Oh dear, they aren’t very well educated, are they?”

  3. This is/was my group. I am not stupid, but the fact that 11 people voted to keep it wrong makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

    But wait, wait, there’s a new poll now.

  4. Wow. I just read the message board, and I’m just amazed. From the mom who repeatedly misspells grammar (she writes the word “grammer” three times in her post!) to the ones who say this issue is silly/not important, to the one who insist that “mom’s” IS correct, to the ones who claim that the spelling is open to interpretation (“this may or may not be incorrect,” one writes)…I’m truly flabbergasted. I honestly did not know that an entire cross-section of Middle America is this ignorant, and so defensive about their ignorance!

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