Official Campaign Item: Student’s For McCain

Wow. Perhaps they’re celebrating that there is one student who actually is for McCain.

Thanks to Megan, who forwarded this article from DailyKos, and Angie, who sent in the image and link to the item on the official John McCain website.

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7 thoughts on “Official Campaign Item: Student’s For McCain

  1. Regardless of your politics, I just wonder who would spend $6 on a pen? OK, maybe I would on this pen, just for the laugh factor.

  2. i dunno if the picture you got originally was a fake, or if some funburglar informed the mccain site of their error, but if you follow the link to the store now, the pen has NO apostrophe.
    not that we need any more proof of what a dumbass the guy is. but still, it woulda been funny.

  3. Perhaps, prior to simply citing that which was included within a submission, one should, at a minimum, verify its veracity. The link submitted by an Angie, I think, is cited as the Official John McCain Website. However, the link directs the user to a page that does contain the subject pen, without an error now, but more importanly, that page likewise contains a very conspicuous disclaimer that reads as follows: “This store is operated by an independent, for-profit company. Proceeds from sales of merchandise do not benefit, and should not be considered a contribution to the John McCain 2008 campaign.”

    Admittedly, this appears to be the same GOP Trunk store to which one would be directed if linking from the Official McCain site, but this blogger’s oversight (really giving the benefit of the doubt)in not disclosing that information within his post, seriously calls into question the validity of the original submission itself, if not all other posts as well.

    For the sake of your credibility, trust, but verify.

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