Maybe there’s only one hero in the community?

Kelly writes:

This morning, an insert advertising “Community Hero’s Day” assaulted my sensibilities. While recognizing community herOES is a noble cause, the only way this insert could be grammatically correct is if the company plans to recognize only one community hero. That doesn’t seem to be the case, given the rest of the ad copy.

We can thank the Arizona Republic for including this little gem of apostrophe abuse.

Actually, with the text “every community has a hero”, maybe they ARE only planning to recognize one. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Maybe there’s only one hero in the community?

  1. Never mind the apostrophes; it’s the hideous design and abuse of shoddy clipart that really offends me. Sure, you’re our heroes, but you’re not actually worth hiring a competent graphic artist…

  2. This one’s honestly not so bad. It’s like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, which respectively honour all mothers and fathers (or perhaps each person honours a single mother or father; similarly, each person in the community could honour a hero of their choosing). Alternatively, it could have been “Community Hero Day,” which wouldn’t necessarily have been about a single hero.

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