Fixing abuses at Menards

Becca writes:

Okay, so never mind that I work at MENARDS (which really should be spelled Menard’s, but you knew that). This pallet of fertilizer retainer, whatever that is, has a couple of apostrophe issues, but nothing a Sharpie Magnum couldn’t fix.

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4 thoughts on “Fixing abuses at Menards

  1. To my great surprise, yes I think it is :O

    You can get that right but mess up on a word that’s barely ever possessive..

  2. help’s on the way!


    i did the reverse of that at my husband’s workplace. one of the previous managers made a big sign for the booth door that said “EMPLOYEE’S ONLY”. it was black writing on a white sign. i took a white vinyl sticker and put it over the apostrophe.

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