Treasure Trove of Errant Apostrophes in BC Antiques Store

Amanda writes:

My sister and I went antique shopping one summer day in Vernon, BC and came across this shop – thank goodness I had my camera on me! This is really just a sampling of the massive apostrophe abuse that this store is guilty of!

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3 thoughts on “Treasure Trove of Errant Apostrophes in BC Antiques Store

  1. That last one makes me laugh and feel ill simultaneously.
    The rest are common mistakes, but the broken English and strange grammar makes that note sound as if someone who had little grasp of the language wrote it.

    Which, I’m sure you will all say, is the case.

    And I realised that this is another offending antique shop! They always let me down.

  2. I like how on a lot of these, they made the apostrophe and s smaller than everything else in the word…as if you wouldn’t notice that evil little misplaced apostrophe there just because it was smaller! Haha.

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