Home Bake’t Muffin?

Richard writes:

This sign was in the window of a small cafe near Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. There was a sign on the sidewalk which read “Home of the World’s Famous Breakfast,” and the home bake’t muffin was part of it.

The breakfast was lousy.

I wonder if the apostrophe is signaling the omission of “r stree”, linking this muffin to Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street? Wait, that makes no sense.

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5 thoughts on “Home Bake’t Muffin?

  1. haha they only sell the one muffin so might as well jazz up the advert to get passers by attention. thten maybe theyll finally sell the darn muffin

  2. I think they MEANT to say “baked”.

    Baked and bake’t sound a LOT alike.

    Perhaps “Huked On Fonix Werkd 4 Hem?”


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