7 thoughts on “Poor writing in Reading

  1. Hello! I just discovered this blog via a column in the Seattle Times; and the subject is right up my alley. Apostrophe abuse is one of my pet peeves too; and there seems to be no stopping it! Even professional writers and newspaper editors coming up with headlines are doing it! I pretty well freaked out not long ago when I saw a newspaper headline somewhere relating to something that “Arab’s” are said to be doing–as if “Arab” was an acronym or something. It especially annoys me that I’ve done this myself a couple of times by accident (LOL)…

  2. Wait, doesn’t an apostrophe show ownership, or maybe I am confused. Because the cafe is owned by Pete, correct? Or could you please fix my brain by telling me why this is incorrect?! Ha, thanks.


  3. Yes, that got me too.

    “Pete’s Cafe” is correct; but see, “Salad’s, Roast’s, Snack’s”.

    It reminds me of that convoluted relay of possessives that sometimes forms the subject of third-hand stories, such as, “My girlfriend’s sister’s friend’s…”

    “The roast’s salad’s snack’s…” what?! what?! what?! Don’t leave us hanging!

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