Hey Kids: Your on vacation!

Lois writes:

I don’t know where this school is, but I wouldn’t bother going back after vacation, if I were a student who wanted to learn anything about grammar, homophones and apostrophes, at least. I found the sign in a file of photos e-mailed to me by my ever-alert sister, who shares the gene for ferreting out apostrophe and other abuses in the English language.

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8 thoughts on “Hey Kids: Your on vacation!

  1. Superstitious fundelicious- I’m going to have to agree with you 100%.
    The your/you’re mix up drives me absolutely insane.
    And no wonder no one can understand that you’re is a contraction and your is possessive… The schools can’t even get it right!!

  2. I want to cry
    If that were my school … I probably would cry. And also leave.

    I correct signs every day at school, but never by teachers. Apalling.

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