Abuse – and a ray of hope – in CA

Sorry for the poor quality– my cell phone camera is not very good.
This is from a store window of an antiques store near where I was visiting in Windsor, CA.

By the way, also in Sonoma County, CA, here is some good news on the apostrophe front. There is a prominent sign by the highway in Petaluma, CA for a restaurant called the Green Windmill (I think) –the sign is green and in the shape of a windmill– and for many years one of the vanes of the windmill said, “FOOD AT IT’S BEST.”
Finally, after many years, the apostrophe got painted out!

(Thanks, earthling!)

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6 thoughts on “Abuse – and a ray of hope – in CA

  1. Given the peculiar mixture of upper and lower-case, maybe they had to do that cos they ran out of letters! “Oh no, we’re out of Es, what shall we do?” “Oh, just stick an apostrophe in there instead”.

  2. The purpo’se of a postrophe i’s to warn you that a “s” (“‘s”) i’s about to appear. Thi’s i’s the new way of writing so let’s get with it. Extra “quote’s” that “appear” for “no” rea’son at all are al’so part of the plan. Form what I can ‘see, u’sing wrong word’s i’s ok, “too” if they are spelled write mos’tly.



  3. Coming to this post way late, but I was actually looking for photos of that windmill-shaped sign in Petaluma and found this page. Years ago, I used to drive by the windmill sign a lot and every time I saw it, I had to giggle. The misuse of “it’s” for “its” is my pet peeve, but I actually liked that sign because of what it was unintentionally advertising, thanks to apostrophe abuse.
    The slogan “Food At It’s Best” [sic] was displayed on the four vanes of the windmill, with one word on each vane. This whimsical arrangement of the words made it easy for a person to pick the order in which he or she read them–possibly it was designed that way to be more readable at a glance to drivers going by on Hwy 101. Every time I drove by, I couldn’t help but read the sign as “At Best It’s Food,” or “It’s Food At Best.”
    I must admit, I’m a little sad to read that the apostrophe is gone, but glad that the restaurant is now advertising its food in a more appetizing way.

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