Honors Club Abuse

Casey writes about this banner spotted at Sacramento City College:

Beyond the heinousness of “THURSDAY’S,” there is the issue of the extra periods in “GPA,” the complete abuse of the English language (“2DaY”, “4Life”) and the burning question: Since when does a C-average warrant being included in any honors clubs?

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5 thoughts on “Honors Club Abuse

  1. I also have to ask, not knowing the location, is “RN220” a valid thing to say? Sorta looks like they mean “Room 220”, abbreviated correctly to “Rm 220” but couldn’t find the “M” stencil. Or the space, I guess.

  2. Oh my god! I love this blog!

    I am an English teacher, and I can’t understand why people still use apostrophes wrong!

    And, it bothers me to no end when I see errors on signs on campus. We are a university, after all! Ugh!

    At the restaurant across the street from the winery where I work on weekends, their menu says:

    “Sweet Pea’s Chili – That means Sweet Pea’s recipe. So no actual PEAS’S were harmed.”


  3. @shoobe01 “RN220” is indeed a valid, correct thing to say. it’s an abbreviation for “rodda north 220” but to a non-student, i can see the confusion this would cause. “or the space, i guess.” priceless!


  4. The school setting makes for an extra wince. I’m reminded of the high school I would pass on the way to work during the 2000 Census; the marquee sign reminded students to bring in their, and I quote, “Cencus forms.” Wince wince wince.

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