Foreign word? Use an apostrophe!

Alden writes:

I think that we should just go ahead and add a new definitive use for apostrophes: to indicate “this word is foreign, but I’m not quite sure how to spell it, if I should use an accent, or which accent exactly I’d have to use.” This covers treats like a’ la mode as well as this particularly unusual specimen I photographed in Indiana.

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6 thoughts on “Foreign word? Use an apostrophe!

  1. Not to mention…

    I think the correct spellings are “ganache” and “Ghirardelli.”

    And shouldn’t that be “whipped” cream? I could be wrong, but I think “whipping” cream is what you call it when it’s still liquid cream (unless they’re serving it with cream drizzled over it, then I stand corrected).

  2. Isn’t a cow pie something you find out in a pasture. At least that’s what my Mom calls them. Mmm mmm cow pies. Thems er good eatin.

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