Clothes over bro’s

I originally wasn’t going to post this one, but I’ve gotten at least 3-4 emails about it, so here goes…

Lyssa writes:

I don’t understand how a TV show can create an entire clothing line, one that runs through two seasons, then create merchandise for it to sell on their website, and not one person realizes that “Clothes over Bro’s” is completely WRONG. It hurts to watch, and I love One Tree Hill.

Sara writes:

The CW, in addition to airing all manner of shit, let Sophia Bush’s character get away with [this]. Ack.

This bit from Go Fug Yourself sums it up:

For serious? I get that TECHNICALLY her clothing line COULD be called “Clothes Over Brothers,” and TECHNICALLY “bro’s” is a contraction thereof, but that’s a lie. It’s apostrophe misuse and I object.

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11 thoughts on “Clothes over bro’s

  1. In season 3 it shows the making of the name “Clothes over Bro’s” and it shows Haley pointing out that there should be no apostrophe. But. Since Brooke’s character is supposed to be stupid, she says she doesn’t care and leaves it. It wasn’t a mistake. It was thought out to make Brooke look dumb.

  2. SERIOUSLY? This is pathetic. Who gives a shit what the name of a clothing line is or is not. Or whether or not it uses correct punctuation. I think you all need to find something better to do with your lives than correct other peoples grammar, punctuation, etc. But it still does not really matter does it because number one Brooke Davis is not REAL (BIG shocker I know)and Sophia Bush probably makes more money than you will ever have!

  3. Is there not the possibility that the clothing line promotes wearing their clothing over the clothes of one’s brother?

    … No?

  4. Anonymous who wrote at 10:16AM SERIOUSLY? This is pathetic.
    Right on! That was by far the most insightful comment on the page. PS Why are we reading others peoples’ comments about One Tree Hill? We all need lives…notice my punctuation guys!

  5. excuse me.
    i guess none of you pay attention to anything other than grammer in these shows, but when Brooke originally launched the clothes over bro’s clothing line in season 3, there is a scene with her and Haley where they are looking at the clothes and Haley mentions to brooke that the apostrophe is gramatically incorrect. in return Brooke says, ” It’s my clothing line, and I’m keeping the apostrophe. ” it wasnt thought out to make Brooke look dumb either. she is a stubborn girl and she is VERY intelligent although lacks common sense sometimes, that is not the reason why they put it there. she liked the apostrophe and there was NO mistake so all of you can shut up.

  6. Well, actually, in the show, Haley pointed that out to her, and Brooke said, “It’s my clothing line, I’m keeping the apostrophe!”

    So, it’s not like it was a mistake made by the creator. It just gave it character, but not to make Brooke look dumb, either. It gave it her own personal touch; She wanted it that way, so that’s how it stayed. Brooke’s character is, afterall, bossy and always gets what she wants, am I right? Haha.

    I don’t care, I loved it 🙂

  7. Obviously you don’t love OTH enough if you don’t remember season 3. In season 3 Haley points out that there isn’t suppose to be an apostrophe. The conversation went and I quote..

    HALEY: Yeah. Hey, I don’t think you need the apostrophe though, in Bro’s. It’s not really very grammatically correct.

    BROOKE: It’s my fashion line and I’m keeping the apostrophe.

    So I suggest you get your facts strait before you start nitpicking. And to the above post that said it was done because Brooke is stupid I believe that is incorrect. I think it just has to do with that’s how she wanted it!!

  8. Ok, Haley points it out- but brooke keeps it cos that’s the way she saw it in her mind and it looks good that way. Don’t make a whole post on something that is actually unresearched and fake. You say you love One Tree Hill? Well, a really OTH fan would have seen every episode and realised this. And plus- who actually cares? It’s that way, and that’s it!

  9. Actually had a similar discussion with someone today:
    Brother, plural is Brothers, abbreviated Bros.
    But I submit that in current urban usage the term “Bro” means something different from “Brother”. (Hopefully I need not explain that difference.) The plural of the new term “Bro” would traditionally be “Bros.”, but that is unfortunately the same abbreviation as the plural for “Brother” and hence does not accurately convey meaning. So I take the position that, assuming the purpose of punctuation is to aid rather than hender understanding, the plural of “Bro” should be written as “Bro’s”. I truly do not care what the possessive of that might look like. 🙂

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