Ladie’s Room in NYC

Ross writes:

Spotted this the other day at a cultural institution in New York City. I can’t be more specific without getting in trouble. Thought you’d appreciate the thought that went into putting the apostrophe in the wrong place. Surely it couldn’t be “Ladies'”?

I like the random capitalization and punctuation. (And, how on earth would Ross “get in trouble” for describing where he took this picture?)

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10 thoughts on “Ladie’s Room in NYC

  1. Since the ladies’ room is out of order, you must instead use the second floor. There’s not much privacy on the second floor, but if you’ve gotta go…

  2. that was my first thought (what phaedrus said.) It didn’t say to use the “2nd floor RESTROOM”–just “the second floor”. Messy!!!

  3. Wow, this gives me a huge flashback to a time when some guy came onto my college campus to hand out fliers to a local bar. Like most ladies who passed him, I accepted the paper as it was offered to me. Upon discovering that the flier said “Tuesday is Ladie’s Night,” I turned around and gave it back the guy, telling him that I’d never patronize a bar that couldn’t use apostrophes correctly. Poor guy was dumbfounded.

  4. Eva-sensei, I hope you said that in the most patronising voice possible for maximum irony.

    John, I agree. It has got to be a strip club.

    This phenomenon is frighteningly common. It’s almost as though the writer is thinking “I know how to spell ladies, but I have to put an apostrophes somewhere!

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