Christmass Tree’s

Alden writes:

Spotted this at my local grocery store. I think this particular store has one employee in charge of most of their signs — it’s consistent handwriting, and the signs frequently contain some deviation from standard English that makes me wince. In fact, I was so busy wincing over the “tree’s” that it wasn’t until I got home and uploaded this pic that I realized it was also “Christmass.” Perhaps my anonymous sign-making friend is extra devout and wishes to remind us of the origins of this holiday?

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5 thoughts on “Christmass Tree’s

  1. Shouldn’t Alden have said “its consistent handwriting” to indicate possession?

    Also, it should be “its signs,” not “their signs” because the store is singular. Sorry, I’m being mean today.

  2. No — I meant “it is consistent handwriting.” Trust me, I would not mess up it’s and its. And you’re right, “their” is not technically correct, but as I was referring to the unknown sign-writer it should be “his” or “her.” In conventional spoken English, we often use the pronoun “their” in the case of a person of unknown gender. So yeah, I stand by every word of my email. Thanks, though!

    Sorry, I’m being defensive today.

  3. Oops, I forgot where I used the “their.” But it’s not wrong either; I’m not speaking of the store as a non-human entity, but as a collective of people, some of whom can’t spell or punctuate.

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