Abuse in Illinois School District’s

Sarah writes:

Here [is a picture] of the school bus my kids ride each morning.
School Districts 47 and 155 are the elementary and high schools, respectively, in Crystal Lake, Illinois.
As far as I’ve seen, none of the other buses have the apostrophe. I’ve seen at least one that has a space between the t and s, indicating an apostrophe once was there. But I think this may be the only bus that (still) has one.

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3 thoughts on “Abuse in Illinois School District’s

  1. I am so glad Sarah got a photo of this! I too live in this school district but have not had my camera handy when I’ve seen one of the offending buses. 🙂

  2. Is it really that wise to let everyone know what bus your kids catch to school?

    Really good find, though. 🙂 I would love to know where the other apostrophes went.

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