Popeyes Chicken… or is it?

Matt writes in with:

“Popeyes Fried Chicken” should be “Popeye’s Fried Chicken.”

According to the “Popeyes story” at http://www.popeyes.com/story.php, the restaraunt was named after the “Popeye Doyle” character in “The French Connection.” Since there’s only one “Popeye Doyle” character, the ‘s’ in the company name *must* be the possessive s, which means that the chain’s name, registered trademark, and every logo on thousands of signs and boxes and menus and letterheads for “Popeyes” is a case of incorrect, missing apostrophe.


That would indeed be a staggering case of abuse — if it were true. You see, Matt, the “Popeye Doyle” back story is just a ruse! You’re really eating at a restaurant called Pope Yes. 😉

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4 thoughts on “Popeyes Chicken… or is it?

  1. Shut the front door! I’ve seen the sign and always wondered about the missing apostrophe. At the time, I figured it made the design and/or building of their store sign easier. I also assumed that on bags, boxes and executive letterhead things would be different. Staggering is an understatement.

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