Pullem’ Up in Dallas

Marisa in Fort Worth, TX writes:

Attached is a billboard for a large campaign happening in Dallas, TX right now. The urban community is urging youngsters to pull up their pants. Obviously, they are more interested in britches than correct grammar.

Apostrophe misplacement aside, I’m all for it!

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5 thoughts on “Pullem’ Up in Dallas

  1. I’m normally picky about these things (I especially insist on y’all, not ya’ll), but in this case I think it’s excusable because the point is to combine the two words: “pullem,” which the apostrophe would have broken into two. Then the apostrophe at the end, which is technically unnecessary, is a signal that they’re using slang rather than proper grammar. I’m not say that’s the thought process that went into it, but I think it works.

  2. “hiphopgovernment.org”? WTF?

    Note–I went to their web site (to laugh some more) but you have to register (“become a hip hop government member”) to even view their site. What. Evah.

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