I’ll find a tutor elsewhere, thanks…

Harp sends in this flyer, “seen on a community noticeboard at the local supermarket”:

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4 thoughts on “I’ll find a tutor elsewhere, thanks…

  1. For someone offering tutoring services, this flyer is messed up on so many levels. You would think that a “school and university teacher” would want it to be perfect. But sadly, maybe this is typical.

    Off the top of my head:

    1) The first bullet sounds like a command to the reader. “Go help people!” Especially given that bullet points should support the heading and not usually answer a question.

    2) What’s with the inconsistent bullet spacing?

    3) “And its due in tomorrow!” Shouldn’t this really be part of the “Got a problem…” question?

    4) I like the “genuinely useful help”. Not like that fake kind.

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