Someone needs to check these checks

Alice writes:

I have to believe, for the sake of humanity, that the apostrophe placement on this check is simply a typo.

It makes my brain hurt to think otherwise.

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4 thoughts on “Someone needs to check these checks

  1. Is that check as in the British for cheque?

    I’m not as surprised by the error as I am by the need to write screamin’ on a cheque.

  2. I wonder what the full business name is…

    Incidentally, I’ve sent in a handful of good examples to the e-mail address listed, but they never make it up here. It makes me sad.

  3. john —

    I’ve had occasions where some posts go directly into GMail’s Spam Folder, so I don’t end up seeing them — feel free to resubmit!

    I also have a backlog of 14-15 posts; I just got back from my wedding and honeymoon.

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