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The really sad thing about this sign is that it’s at the entrance of the parking lot for my university’s main library and English department building–so you know a lot of librarians and English professors are slowly going nuts from having to see this every day.

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8 thoughts on “No RV’S

  1. How embarrassing for the whole school! Wouldn’t you think someone would have done something to have it removed immediately? It’s so huge and red.

  2. It may be annoying, but it’s actually pretty common – not to mention useful – to add an inappropriate apostrophe to an all caps sentence in the case of headlines, signage, numbers (years), etc. for the purpose of clarity. Otherwise, drivers would wonder whether or not they are carrying any “RVS” in their car, and what to do with it if they are.

  3. Same problem there: big R big V little S is more correct, but still distracting. Of course it should read “No R.V.s” (sans quotes), but that’s probably, for many, too much to process when you’re supposed to be looking for parking/getting lost/not running people over.

    I’m not defending bad grammar (though I’m often guilty of it), but in road signage, whatever is most clear is most correct.

    The NYT is commonly guilty of this exact err (they – frighteningly – have their own style manual), probably aware that people are processing headlines with just a single glance (sidewalk boxes, grocery lines, etc.).

  4. There is nothing wrong with this sign, this is a perfectly acceptable means of pluralizing an acronym, especially when one considers that lower case characters may not have been available or desired.

  5. Using an apostrophe in a plural acronym is acceptable usage, though it’s not the only acceptable form or even the one most commonly used.. It’s especially helpful in distinguishing that the “s” is nor part of the acronym (RVS could conceivably be an acronym for something entirely different). It’s not incorrect, it’s just something that gets untrained, amateur, apostrophe Nazis’ panties in a bunch.

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