My Last Photo’s?

JR sent in this example of “GI Humor” from a forwarded email… perhaps the soldier who created the sign grew up with a “My First Photo’s” album.

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4 thoughts on “My Last Photo’s?

  1. But isn’t “photo’s” an abbreviation of “photograph”? Don’t you use an apostrophe when omitting part of a word?

  2. “Photo” is also a word on its own, though.. and I doubt that in the singular form the person who wrote this sign is using photo’. 😉

  3. I think you can both be right; but sarah Jean’s point has a tad more validity because the ‘ would not exist if you only write ‘photo’ (unless, of course, you put one at both ends of the word!)

  4. “Photo’s” is one of those words where I’d give the benefit of the doubt, even though it does probably scream “correct me!” to any keen-eyed apostrophe abuse spotter. Technically it’s an abbreviation of “photographs”, much as ” ‘phone” is an abbreviation of “telephone”, but probably better written these days as “photos” and “phone”, which is how I write them.

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