Crepe’s at Belle & Herbs

Lisa spotted this one in Fremont…

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4 thoughts on “Crepe’s at Belle & Herbs

  1. The real kicker here is: why not go ahead and include that damned apostrophe with “sandwiches”?

    Or, for that matter, is Herb a person? Is it his cafe? Is it Belle’s too?

  2. yea, the indian dude joe that has some ownership of the seattle place was a long-time friend of the owner of the UK Belle & Herbs'. He visited the UK and came back and stole the name & logo! When it came to light, He (joe) then apparently denied having any knowledge of the place whatsoever, until the owner of the UK cafe, saw he had posted some fake blogs planting bogus good reviews of the seattle place a few months before!! the dirty scumbag..thats friend for you!

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