How one’s small mistake cost M&S a small fortune

From This is London:

With its cute message, Marks and Spencer’s sleepsuit was just the thing for a new baby’s first Christmas.

There was only one problem – that bane of grammar-aware shoppers, an unnecessary apostrophe.

The suits have emblazoned across the chest the phrase “Mum’s dreaming of a quiet Christmas just like the one’s she used to know”.

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5 thoughts on “How one’s small mistake cost M&S a small fortune

  1. In this case, isn’t Mum’s a contraction for “Mum is”? Or is contracting the word “is” just an American thing?

  2. rrpa, the “cute” phrase has correct punctuation, including use of the apostrophe. It is possessive, not a conjuction.

  3. Anonymous ya moron! It’s “ones” so yes there is a reason it’s on this blog! It does NOT have correction punctuation so go take your “conjuction” somewhere else

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