Lands’ End apostrophe placement a typo

This press release about Lands’ End founder Gary Comer’s death mentions that the apostrophe in Lands’ End was “a typo that became part of the firm’s history”.

From the Lands’ End website:


…a lot of people ask why the apostrophe in Lands’ End is in the wrong place. There have been some silly explanations along the way, but the truth is, it was a mistake.

It was a typo in our first printed piece, and we couldn’t afford to reprint and correct it.

In the years since, the misplaced apostrophe has continued to grace our name and our label. And while it has prompted some raised eyebrows among English teachers, it also sets us apart as a company whose continuing concern for what’s best for the customer is unmistakably human.

Well, at least they admit it’s wrong. Now if someone could just explain the subtitle of the next Pirates movie. The lack of an apostrophe is even being blasted slapped by one of Disney’s own divisions.

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