Abuse in Canadian packaging for Crest toothpaste

The Canadian packaging of Crest toothpaste for kids has an errant apostrophe.
It looks like they just reused the US graphic for “KID’S”: in the US packaging of the toothpaste, it’s labelled “KID’S Crest” — which, as Alex points out in the comments, should actually be “KIDS’ Crest”.

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5 thoughts on “Abuse in Canadian packaging for Crest toothpaste

  1. Even the US version sounds a bit suspect to me … surely it’s Crest for Kids (hey – that’s even what the Canadian version says!) – in which case it should be Kids’ Crest …

  2. Hey, thanks for posting this. I just noticed the apostrophe misuse on the tube in the bathroom, and found it very upsetting. I immediately did an online search to see if it had been noted, and thankfully, I am not alone in my disappointment. :-\

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