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Photographed at the Tel-Aviv central bus station:

(Thanks, Eli!)

Critic’s Choice: New DVD’s

(Thanks, Erin!)

…a scan from the back side of the petition for Washington state initiative 920, which would repeal the state’s inheritance tax.

Ironically, the revenue from the estate tax is earmarked for education and could help teach people about punctuation.

(Thanks, Greg!)

Web comic from

I found this surfing the other day and thought it a pretty egregious example, along the lines of those grating signs one sees in stores labeling the departments “mens”, “womens”, etc. Do you believe this is an actual ommitted apostrophe or a parody of those signs?

(Thanks, Evan!)

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  1. I would go with parody. Since Natalie Dee’s Husband does the web strip “Toothpaste For Dinner” they are both well aware of the rampant apostrophe abuse, and frequently use it for snarkage material.

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