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It’s hard to spot this one…

(Thanks, Chris!)

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  1. Stephanie Jacobs says

    In the small print, lower left hand side.

  2. Julie Zetterberg Sardo says

    If you’re not sure, use one of each.

  3. Joan Gelfand Matlack says

    It’s easy if you read the whole thing! It is, really, it is! LOL!

  4. Bethany Brandon says


  5. Elsa Claus says

    found it

  6. Mike Tierney says

    Not hard at all!

  7. Susan Brusinski O'Neill says

    Got roped into looking for the misplaced apostrophe.

  8. Beth Anne Algie says

    Quickly! It’s the Its.

  9. Cathy Heaston says

    Aha! Found it.

  10. Jane Woolley Reardon says

    what a shame when they did it right the first time

  11. Inbox Translation says

    Found it!

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