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Found on IMDB: The “Lord’s” of Flatbush.

lords of flatbush.jpg (101 KB)

(Thanks, Karen Tortora-Lee!)

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SeattleJoe says:

Technically, “Lord’s” is correct if you look at the lettering on the leather jackets in the movie. So, it’s not really IMDb’s fault … they replicated the errant apostrophe. Funny, the movie jacket lacks the apostrophe. But really, it’s too late to fix the apostrophe abuse, it’s already in the movie itself! (Watch a trailer for the movie!) “-)

Emperor says:

The apostrophe there is correct, as this is how it is shown on the credits of the film and the use of the apostrophe by the film-makers is also deliberate. See:

Mayor Defacto says:

As explained in the trivia section for the title at IMDb,, this is the way the title is rendered on the opening title screen. IMDb also notes that the title appears correctly on the film’s poster,, last item.

IMDb has a keyword, typo-in-title,, that tracks some 40 titles with misspellings and other grammatical errors. Errors that fit the category here include:
WPINK-TV: Its Red Hot!! (1985)
Satans Lust (1971)
Did You Hear the One About the Farmers Daughter? (1989)
Lets Hear It for Cheerleaders (2011)
(and more)

Most of these are low budget indies or adult one-day-shoot titles, but IMDb doesn’t correct the filmmakers’ errors. Titles are displayed as they appear on screen.