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Just a tea's

“Tea” is usually sufficiently plural, of course, but owners wanted something more plural just to be clear. Like usage of “fishes” to indicate multiple species of fish, “teas” would have been fine.

blended-teas.jpg (499 KB)

(Thanks, Colin Purrington!)

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Dave says:

…and even where the apostrophe is correct, they still manage to foul it up. “Ming’s”, grammatically fine – but typographically it’s a straight ‘typewriter’ apostrophe in the middle of a connected script. It should be a nice scripty apostrophe, and kerned right up close so that the g and s still connect to each other. Grrr.
[a typography pedant writes]

Perhaps they put the apostrophe in “teas” to tease…or should I say “tea’se”?

Mark says:

I wonder why that ‘O’ in ‘omelettes’ is so very emphatic?