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This one has been bumping around Facebook.

I’ve seen grocers’ apostrophes so often I’m almost immune to them, but I’ve never see an apostrophe inserted into the word always.

always.jpg (22 KB)

(Thanks, Matt Musselman!)

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Yike’s! Did I somehow mis’s out on a few basic rule’s? I must have been sick the day the clas’s learned, “Apostrophe before any terminating ‘s,’ except after ‘ie.'”

KR says:

…and hate your apostrophe key

Phillip says:

I particularly like the watermark in the corner, which to a chemist reads ‘you are my oxide anion’. I think they wanted the 2 subscript and no minus sign…

Joseph Rose says:

or is that …u’s???

Joseph Rose says:

make’s sen’se to us’!