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HGV Negative

This sign advises drivers of heavy goods vehicles not to use – wait for it – “Pikers (sic) Lane”.

That’s right, the sign with an extra apostrophe is six feet above the road sign that’s missing one.

It’s in Corley, just outside Coventry, UK.

1342992211-picsay.jpg (283 KB)

(Thanks, Paul!)

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CatAndCrow says:

I guess (the) HGV(s) got greedy and stole the apostraphe from “Pikers (sic) Lane”.

KF says:

This is not incorrect. It’s said when there are unlimited funny examples of unambiguously borked usage that you sully your blog with nit picking.

p3orion says:

Yes it is. You should use “HGVs” (wihtout an apostrophe) as the plural of “HGV” (whatever that is.)

KR says:

HGV’s what, one wonders….

Bob Rogers says:

This can be correct in that it distigushes the plural from the acronym, i.e many HGV’s rather than one HGVS

ApostropheAbuse says:

The s is already lowercase, which is plenty to differentiate that it’s a plural.