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HGV Negative

This sign advises drivers of heavy goods vehicles not to use – wait for it – “Pikers (sic) Lane”.

That’s right, the sign with an extra apostrophe is six feet above the road sign that’s missing one.

It’s in Corley, just outside Coventry, UK.

1342992211-picsay.jpg (283 KB)

(Thanks, Paul!)

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  1. Bob Rogers says

    This can be correct in that it distigushes the plural from the acronym, i.e many HGV’s rather than one HGVS

    • ApostropheAbuse says

      The s is already lowercase, which is plenty to differentiate that it’s a plural.

  2. KR says

    HGV’s what, one wonders….

  3. KF says

    This is not incorrect. It’s said when there are unlimited funny examples of unambiguously borked usage that you sully your blog with nit picking.

    • p3orion says

      Yes it is. You should use “HGVs” (wihtout an apostrophe) as the plural of “HGV” (whatever that is.)

  4. CatAndCrow says

    I guess (the) HGV(s) got greedy and stole the apostraphe from “Pikers (sic) Lane”.

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