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I saw this sign at Cardinal Bar in Madison, Wisconsin. It looked like a nice employee tried correcting the sign, then someone else tried correcting it again, only to both be incorrect.

I realize this isn’t so much a problem with the apostrophe, but of the incorrect use and spelling of the word “their.”

Hope you like it!

040111224748.jpg (88 KB)

(Thanks, Crystal Pilon!)

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  1. Michelle Tanzella Young says


  2. Raff Lagatta says

    The sign would have been correct had no one messed with it!!

  3. Polly Wolly says

    You’ve ironically spelt ‘their’ wrong in the title :)

  4. Apostrophe Abuse says

    Polly Wolly — check the spelling on the sign. ;)

  5. p3orion says

    Your all fired, an wash you’re hand’s b4 u go.

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