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In Memory of Correct Punctuation (and Capitalization)

There are so many abuses on this entry that I don’t even know where to begin.

178953_3391034658225_2093060158_n.jpg (82 KB)

(Thanks, Jennifer Estabrooks!)

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p3orion says:

“…To see how your doing”?
Um, OK other than still being dead, but thanks for asking.

NobodobodoN says:

Look closely at all the paternal references: the text is slightly different than the rest, a little more bold. It looks like someone took an earlier version of this, maybe with “mom” or “wife” or possibly something with correct English, and replaced it with all the dad’ness.

ApostropheAbuse says:

Good eye! Check this out…

NobodobodoN says:

Thanks! I notice they still have the your/you’re problem, but at least it’s not quite as funky.

I also can’t help but think: If you miss your father enough to photoshop a picture to post in his memory, can’t you also take the time to choose your own text and background picture?

I suppose that’s insensitive; I shouldn’t tell other people how to mourn.

francyne pelchar says:

too smarmy for words, even with correct grammar.

The only thing that would make this more perfect (perfectly bad, that is) would be “if you miss you’re dad” … they actually got that one right.

Capitalisation. The Queens’ English. And so am I.

So many posts, especially on Facebook, seem like they are posted by an illiterate, or just someone who didn’t pay attetion in school!