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Toyota Corolla’s!

Wouldn’t you proofread if you are an international brand???? Seen at Toyota dealership in Simi Valley, CA

IMG_20120512_125659.jpg (648 KB)

(Thanks, Marcia!)

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p3orion says:

Let’s face it, Corollas are pretty everyday cars, but if I felt I had to admit that to people, I wouldn’t get excited enough about it to add an exclamation point.

Andy says:

Looks like fantastic marketing to me- genius!!! This dealership as a result of our posts are getting more exposure, How do we know it was in fact done in error????? The first comment and whoever posted it has way too much time on his or her hands.

Laura says:

I can’t overlook the “everyday.” It’s a common, everyday error that shows up every day

Michael says:

Everyday … ? Oh. Every day.