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Television’s for Sport’s Event’s

Seen in an Irish bar in Crystal Palace, London

apostrofail.jpg (190 KB)

(Thanks, James De Vile!)

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Jennifer says:

Not sure this is something that would go over well here in the United States! however, I can see how pub owners would need to put a fee on the use of their seating just to watch sports!

Dave says:

…and the £ sign is in a different font.
(They probably hit ‘Enter’ before typing “per person…” and the software helpfully auto-capitalized it.)

Nicole says:

Am I imagining it, or is the decimal point in £6.00 in red? What would be the reason for that?

Laura says:

I also love the arbitrary use of the Shift key to capitalize Sports and Per. Nicely done.

Daniel says:

Finally! Consistent abuse throughout the poster! I abhor inconsistency.
And what about the grammar: “Broadcasting of sport’s ARE provided…”?