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No wonder the Rose’s are so cheap…

I’ve driven past this sign on the Long Island Expressway’s service road in Queens for years now and the only change has been the cost. There are at least three awesome things about the sign:

1) The unnecessary apostrophe in “Rose’s”
2) The missing apostrophe in the contraction of “we are” changing it to the past tense state-of-being verb “were”
3) The hilarity of the sign even if it was grammatically correct

photo.JPG (476 KB)

(Thanks, Ryan!)

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p3orion says:

I must point out: “even if it WERE gramatically correct.”

Jerry says:

I’ve tried to get a picture of this a bunch of time’s!
(just kidding)
I drive by this and get a kick out of it all the time, it was even gone for a while and then it was back. I love saying “were sick”, as if the flowers WERE sick, but now they’re well.
I am SO HAPPY to see this posted on here!


Ian says:

Maybe Rose’s nine dollars and ninety nine cents got better?

Bill Davis says:

At least their (sic) consistent! There alway’s wrong in they’re punctuation!

Not only an unneccessary apostrophe in Rose’s, but a WRONG apostrophe!!!!