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Mom’s Love Flowers

Taken on the road between Excelsior Springs and Liberty, Mo.

Mom's Love Flowers.JPG (641 KB)


Perhaps you could pair Mom’s Love Flowers with Father’s Love Knives and make some Love Potpourri. – AA

(Thanks, Joseph Ruckman!)

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p3orion says:

Mom must be pretty good to need a van just to carry her love flowers. I may get the wife a bouquet sometimes, but she’s never done anything to warrant that many.

Dave says:

I’m worried about the excessive slope of the italic “LOVE”.

Nina Holmes says:

Their punctuation is a bit messed up. Still, I think they have some of the best flowers there.

Laura says:

The punctuation is a bit screwy — but it’s not the apostrophe that’s the problem. I think there’s something missing:

Mom’s love: Flowers