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If you don’t know where it goes…

I guess the sign writer figured that if you don’t know where to put the apostrophe, it would be better to leave it out. He (or she) got it right in the small print, though.

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(Thanks, David!)

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Daniel says:

@J: They might be valid in the industry, but those words don’t appear in the sign. Ergo they should have apostrophes.

J says:

Maybe apostrophes were omitted based on the fact that both “menswear” and “boyswear” are valid words in the retail clothing industry.

Sam says:

Help, I don’t see what the problem is!

Richard says:

Sam, there should be an apostrophe in men’s and boys’.

surfnazi says:

D’oh. I just got it.

surfnazi says:

What am I missing? The apostrophe is right there, in the right place