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Hey Ladie! Get in your room!

This sign is for a Ladie’s bathroom in a gas station near Grand Isle, Louisiana. Taken in 2012. Love that Ladie has her own room there!

photo.JPG (561 KB)

(Thanks, Tricia Sanchez!)

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Laura says:

Cute top!

Tricia sanchez says:

Thanks! It’s Billabong, which occasionally has cute things that aren’t just for Tweens and surfers!

Maureen Ward says:

This is an obvious misspelling of the little boy’s room, LadDie!

Tricia sanchez says:

Not at all, the other one probably said “man’s” room! This is the deep south. They don’t know the term laddie. It’s apostrophe abuse, I promise! I was an English major and I love to find errors in fancy signs!