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CPA’s what?

I have to look at this every day as I enter my office. UGH!

cpas.jpg (64 KB)

(Thanks, denise!)

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Bill Davis says:

That’s right. There is leeway (different style sheets) for pluralizing acronyms like CPA and years (is it the 1900s or the 1900’s, etc.) So technically, this one is off the hook. But to me, it looks funny, all the same.

joblo says:

According to my wife, the US Government’s GPO Style Manual considers this correct, along with DVD’s, etc. Don’t yell at me, I didn’t write it.

p3orion says:

That must explain it: all these extra apostrophes are manufactured at a plant in some influential congressman’s district. That’s why he arranged to justify them in the GPO manual. It all makes sense now…

Raff Lagatta says:

I’m sure it’s a sticker that can easily be removed… Do it when everyone’s gone home… 🙂

How about telling them? They likely either don’t know or think no one cares. I’d suggest that, because it is not grammatically correct, potential clients might well think that they are not smart. (People do think this.) You could be doing them a favor!

It’s the CPA’s window (or door) and they’ll do what they want to!!!!

Lois McNulty says:

not if you have something you can use to scrape that sucker off.
or- go in and ask them politely if they could please FIX IT.