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Dummy Box’s and Employees

Errors are always guaranteed at this place.
I decided to finally talk to the manager about the signage errors the other week and I pointed out this one as an example.
Her answer…. (you really wont believe this)
“We always put a comma with an ‘s’ ”
Arrrrggghhhhh. I thought she was joking, but alas not!

box's.JPG (117 KB)

(Thanks, Pippa!)

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  1. Joan Gelfand Matlack says

    It IS, after all, a DUMMY box!!!!!!

  2. Simon Bryan says

    I would have asked why they hadn’t said “firework’s” and “item’s” if they ALWAYS put an apostrophe before an ‘s’.

  3. Dave says

    Simon, I’m guessing they understand “…s” plurals but they don’t understand “…es” plurals. Strange!

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