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Apparently, the First Mate of the Pequod Opened a Bar in Chicago-O’Hare Airport

While traveling through Chicago-O’Hare today, I noticed a sign advertising the food vendors in the airport. One of them was a joint called “Starbuck’s.” Could it be that Starbuck, the first mate of the _Pequod_ in _Moby Dick_ opened up an eating establishment in Chicago? Perhaps it’s just an establishment with his namesake. Anyway, I held up a cup of coffee from Starbucks for juxtaposition.

starbucks.jpg (127 KB)

(Thanks, Matt Davidson!)

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Minda says:

I could let this one go. There’s an assumed “coffee” or “restaurant” that finishes the whole noun that just didn’t make it on the sign. It’s not right, but it’s more forgivable that most apostrophe abuse.

matt says:

Starbucks actually is named for the character, at least; if anything we should be chastising the chain for not using an apostrophe.