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Wheelie bad apostrophe abuse – read it and weep…

I was driving along, minding my own business when I was assaulted by this shocking array of apostrophe abuse. The guy was so unsure of whether or not to use an apostrophe, that in one instance – he just left a space !!!
I have to say that I have actually seen a worse example, but this van in Newcastle’s West End was so severe that I grabbed my mobile phone and chased it until it stopped in traffic – Voila !

WheelieBadApostropheAbuse.jpg (373 KB)

(Thanks, Graeme Murray!)

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  1. Maureen Ward says

    Sometimes, like when I see stuff like this, I wonder if we should just retire the little guy. Oh, BTW, the space apostrophe probably just committed suicide by jumping off the truck.

  2. Jennifer Estabrooks says

    At least they are consistent in their apostrophe abuse.

  3. Graeme Murray says

    I meant to add that I saw this van again the other day, it has the same text on both sides as well, including the spaces where the depressed apostrophes leapt to their deaths !

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