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Poor duck :(

The other animal is the sad-looking duck you can see in the picture.

(Picture taken at Healesville Sanctuary, near Melbourne, Australia)

ibis.jpg (68 KB)

(Thanks, Claudia!)

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K-Jo says:

I think an error is also in the “Ibis.” Do they mean one ibis? Or multiple (as shown in the picture) ibises? OR!? is the bird an ibi? And the plural of ibi is ibis? (or ibies?) I also think there should be a comma after sanctuary. And, of course, they don’t steal from one animal, they steal from all the animals, so it should be “animals’ food.”

I would have made the sign to read:
“At the sanctuary,
ibises steal
other animals’ food.”

Bernadette says:

This probably is not a grammar error; why was it included?

Again this may be a stylistic choice and not a grammatical error!