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Fragerance Free: Do Not Wear Cologne’s Perfumes

From my Doctor’s office. with a bonus spelling error:

2012-02-07_16-04-41_48.jpg (1 MB)

(Thanks, Keith!)

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  1. Tara Lee Ford says

    fragERance has extra stank on it! So, I guess the cologne is owning the perfume here. Oh, the apostrophe abuse!

  2. Raff Lagatta says

    Oh dear…

  3. Daniel says

    Fragerance? What’s a fragerance? And why is there no hyphen between fragerance and free, to denote one idea? (Fragrance-free.)

  4. Raff Lagatta says

    they are giving away a free office which is filled with fragerence.

  5. Chesterton says

    Maybe the only perfumes they are banning are ones from Cologne (aka Köln) in Germany?

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