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Relax. You don’t need good punctuation to work at Great Clip’s.

I see a lot of apostrophe abuse when I’m out doing errands, but I cringe a bit more when I see abuse at chains. This sign at a local Great Clips is probably replicated at all 3,000 locations. Relax. I sent them a heads up.

IMG_2647.jpg (1 MB)

(Thanks, Colin Purrington!)

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Sammy Samson says:

Childrens’ ???! I CANNOT RELAX!!!

Emlyn says:

I’m not sure what they’re trying to say. Is it Child’s/Senior’s Haircut OR Children’s/Seniors’ Haircuts? (If “senior” can be used as a noun at all?) The concept people better get this one sorted.

Bill Knapp says:

Perhaps, in their case, you should have sent them a head’s up…