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You’re Kids Learn Hear?

Well, obviously ‘going by the rules’ doesn’t include grammatical rules! This is posted on a cooler in the front of the cafeteria at my son’s old school and has been there at least two years or longer. This is just one more reason I wouldn’t put my other two kids in this school!

POP cooler.jpg (83 KB)

(Thanks, June D!)

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Andrew says:

This one makes me feel physically angry.

shepd says:

(Buys a soda, gets in trouble)
“Sorry, what sign said I couldn’t buy a soda? You mean the one that says Mr. Soda’s stuff is only to be purchased by Mr. Please at the discretion of his master, Ms. Teacher?”
“Double detention for you, Smart Alec”
“Abraham Lincoln says: Thanks so much?”
“You just made it triple”
(so worth it)

Nicole says:

And what’s with the double quotation mark and the question marks?

Jen says:

That’s why that person has to manage a cafeteria.

Lois McNulty says:

What Bethany said!

This is appalling! Did you bring it to the attention of school staff? Just drop off a correct version at the office–or just replace it without asking, but please, please make it go away!!