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Coffee’s wrong, Foods right

I found this on the window of the Coffee Depot in Breckenridge, CO. Funny how they got the plural right bor the food items, and wrong for the coffee choices. They make good coffee, though 🙂

IMG_0294.jpg (378 KB)

(Thanks, kopf!)

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kopf says:

What spelling error? 😉

And, yes, I was playing with their abused categories.

What’s funny to me is that this was posted nearly a *year* after I submitted it …

Chris says:

It’s true! I have a huge backlog of submissions to get through. 🙂

Raff Lagatta says:

Is it “foods” instead of “food’s”? Cause I assumed that was deliberate…

zoinks says:

Funny there is a typo in your description, we’re not all perfect 🙂

Raff Lagatta says:

It seems the rule here is if it’s a plural beverage, it has an apostrophe, but if it’s a plural of something to eat, no apostrophe. Seems pretty simple to me…