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“The ABC’s of Immediate First Aid Action” …

… according to Zee Medical, Inc., posted on a cabinet in my workplace in Oceanside, California. My wife is a regular visitor here, and suggested I submit this rather blurry photo.

Photo-0002.jpg (273 KB)

(Thanks, Mike Hungerford!)

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b says:

I really have to disagree – it should be ABCs. No apostrophe needed. The lower case ‘s’ is sufficient. Ditto for CDs etc etc

Psalm says:

I agree with the previous poster that ABC’s is an acceptable form. However, under “Choking,” it says call 911 if the victim cannot “breath.” Um, shouldn’t that be “breathe?” Anyone else catch that? I’m thinking Zee Medical needs a new editor. I sure wouldn’t purchase materials from a publisher who made these types of errors!

Jay Barr says:

ABC’s is an acceptable, although somewhat dated, form of pluralizing.